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How do you make these gifs?

I use AmarecTV to capture the VHS tapes using my capture card. I then import the captured AVI on Virtualdub, trim the part I actually want to keep for the GIF, set the clip at 640x480 at 30fps and export it as a GIF. If necessary, I dither the GIF. If the filesize is larger than 8mb (Discord's limit since I usually share my GIFs to my friends on Discord), I resize the GIF slightly until it's small than 8mb.

How do you capture your VHS tapes?

I follow this tutorial by a user named The Oldskool PC. But, I use AmarecTV to capture the tapes since I have trouble capturing with previews and having the audio perfectly in sync using VirtualDub on my Windows 10 desktop.

Where do you get your tapes from?

I usually find old home recorded tapes from my parents and in various thrift stores. I also record modern videos on blank tapes and I record new content on my camcorders to make them GIFs.

How do you achieve some of the effects on the GIFs?

You can achieve it by rewinding the tape, fiddling around with the tracking or playing back physically damaged tapes.

Why do the GIFs seem to lag alot sometimes?

I seperated the pages by 10 images per page so it should be fluid for your device and/or your data bandwidth's speed.It might look like the device you are using seems to be weak for this website, or you just need to wait until they are fully loaded. If it seems to persist, I suggest viewing them manually one by one.

What inspired you to make this website and these GIFs?

Various vaporwave and glitch GIFs I see on Tumblr and Google Images. Also, I really recommend checking out this artist called Mark Vomit on Tumblr for similar GIFs like on my website! He has also created the popular "You are not immune to propaganda" meme. His content is amazing like mine!

How do you host all these GIFs without exceeding the maximum content limit?

I host my GIFs using imgbb. You just need to add the HTML code they give you and then you add it in Google Sites's HTML editor like this. In that case, I did it in Google Sites Classic since I wanted to give it a big approach to a website from the 1990s. I chose to do it there since I honestly doubt Neocities allows this.

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